Don’t let Insurance be a DIY project

Simply checking or unchecking a few boxes on a website may seem like customization after you’ve been lured in by a well-crafted marketing campaign but I assure you it pales in comparison to actually speaking with an insurance professional and creating a plan that protects your way of life.

Your way of life is everything that you’ve worked so hard for, from your home to your cars, from your valuable items like jewelry and collections, to your toys like your guitars and bicycles. These items need to be evaluated properly so that you are neither over insured nor under insured. It is also important to understand the coverage limits of certain standard policies because not all insurance policies are created equally. Finally, reviewing the exclusions in your policy will not only assist you in building a better insurance plan, but will prepare you for the claims process should a loss occur.

Click on the video for a fun dramatization of the process.