Is My Home Under-Insured?

Is My Home Under-Insured?

Replacement cost, Inflation guard, Ordinance or Law coverage, what do these terms mean? Understanding the key terms in your Homeowners policy can often mean the difference between being properly insured or under-insured. Click the link for an article on what you need to know to protect your greatest financial asset.

College bound? How to prevent on-campus losses.

College bound? How to prevent on-campus losses.

Learn about what may or may not be covered under your Homeowners policy should a theft occur, and what steps you can take to protect your belongings. Click the link for the article.

Common Insurance Mistakes

Common Insurance Mistakes

While shopping for insurance it’s easy to focus on price and forget what the purpose of the coverage is. What is the purpose? To restore you to the point you were prior to the loss. Watch this quick video to understand the most common mistakes people make when reviewing their insurance.

Personal Lines

The Personal Lines team at MAG believes that insurance is first and foremost about relationships and not just a policy that arrives in the mail with a price tag.

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Commercial Lines

As a business owner one of your main priorities is to secure and safeguard your asset against potential threats and hazards so that your success and prosperity go on undisturbed.

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Life & Benefits

Keeping operational expenses down while still providing quality and comprehensive employee benefits is the challenge of every business owner in today’s budget driven world.

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Compology Comp

The insurance company doles out your money and you don't have any say in it. Isn't it time to take control of your Workers' Comp?

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Wealth Management

Through our Financial Planning, Millennium Wealth Management, LLC empowers families to succeed as investors in order to realize their dreams, goals and purpose in life.

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Tips & Resources

Demystifying insurance through articles, videos, and links.

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Customer Support

CSR24 Client Support

CSR24 gives MAG clients access to their account information as well as provides some self-service features. Click here for a brief description of the services it provides. If you are already registered for the service please click the Login icon. To register, please contact your account representative or follow the direction on the Login page.

Online Payments

MAG utilizes EPayPolicy, a 3rd party vendor, to process premium payments. Click the link below to proceed to their site.

What People Say

…the service is excellent as policies are shopped before they expire, and they present the renewal rate along with some excellent alternatives to keep insurance costs down. They can do most of the required business online, and it is a pleasure to deal with them.

Michael LaBosco

MAG is always helpful, answering all questions and solving problems.

Magdalena Kupiszewski Glendale Electrical Contracting

Quick and effective communication and personal service are what I like most about MAG as my independent insurance agent.

Joseph Montilli Vice President A. Montilli Plumbing & Heating